2018 Nordic PGD network meeting

Agenda for the 1st meeting of the Nordic PGD-Network

Working group

Paula Peltopuro, Helsinki University Hospital

Morten Rønn Petersen, Copenhagen University Hospital

Julius Hreinsson, Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm

Active participants and panel

One representative from each clinic performing PGD/PGS in the Nordic countries, in addition to the above


This initiative is established because of a need to share knowledge and experiences between colleagues in the embryology laboratories. The field of genetic diagnosis in assisted reproduction is growing and increasing in importance. While each clinic typically has a limited number of treatments each year, together the clinics in all the Nordic countries have a combined number of patients which is comparable to the largest international clinics today. By sharing our experiences, we can utilize the strengths of our combined efforts to help each other and enable us to give our patients the best possible treatments available at each time.


•Share experiences and knowledge on theoretical and practical aspects of PGD/PGS

•Facilitate cooperative learning to increase competence of all participating laboratories

•Arrange training and workshops to improve competence of all participating laboratories

•Arrange meetings of the Network in conjunction with NILS and NFS meetings in cooperation with local organizing committees

Agenda for the first meeting

Chair: Paula, Morten, Julius

10:00. Opening of the workshop by PP, MRP and JH

10:10. Information flow: Genetics lab → IVF lab → Patient. How to organize, what are the  risks, how to arrange in times of increasingly detailed information, specifically regarding mosaicism in embryos. Speaker: Christel Hydén Granskog.

11:00. Report from each participating centre, 10 minutes each, including the following parameters:

•Volume of activities

•Proportion d3/d5/d6 biopsy

•Frequency of non-analysis or incomplete results

•Utilization rates

•Other relevant KPIs

•Indications for treatment

•Pregnancy rates from treatment, fresh/vitrified/d4/d5  etc

•Biggest challenge at the moment

11:45. Panel discussion with representatives from the clinics.  Can we identify common problems to focus on and to use this forum as a  learning network?

12:00. Discussion and final conclusions

The workshop will dedicated to centres performing PGD whereas Christels lecture will be open to all participants in the NILS meeting who are interested in PGD, also participants from other clinics.

April 4.th 2018  //  JH, PP, MRP