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The Nordic IVF-Laboratory Society, commonly called NILS, was founded in the 1990s.

The main objective of the society is to serve as a platform for Nordic laboratory professionals within the field of reproductive medicine. This aim is met by arranging scientific meetings every second year, with the Nordic countries taking turns as hosts.

Invitation to the Nordic IVF-Laboratory Society (NILS)
General Assembly Meeting

You are hereby invited to the General assembly of the Nordic IVF-Laboratory Society.

Thursday 18th of August, 2022 at 17.15-18.00 in Helsinki, Marina Congress Center.

The program:

1. Opening the meeting
2. Election of chairman for the meeting
3. Election of secretary for the meeting
4. Annual report
5. Treasurers report
6. Discharge of the board
7. Election of Board members
8. Election of Auditor/s
9. By-laws

Change of the by-laws
§ 6
General assembly and the meeting
The Board shall facilitate and see to that a meeting for members with a General Assembly will be arranged with at least 2 years intervals. The meetings shall rotate between the Nordic countries. The Board shall make sure that the meeting is arranged at the time and in the form decided by the General Assembly.
Addition: General assembly can be arranged in alternative way such as virtually if circumstances so require due to unexpected force major reasons.
§ 5.1 signature rules
The society is obligated to use two signatures, consisting of the chair the treasurer to be able to sign on behalf of the society.
With a reference to § 5.1 under § 7. Economy

10. Next meeting and future plans
11. Other business
12. Closing the meeting